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The Sask Valley Hospital Foundation is raising funds to build a new hospital in Rosthern to support the Twin Rivers district


Why is the hospital important?


Why do we need a new hospital?


How much will it cost?

The Rosthern Hospital


Serving a Large Community

The Rosthern Hospital serves a large catchment area centralized around the Twin Rivers District which includes the urban municipalities of:

  • Rosthern

  • Duck Lake

  • Hague

  • Hepburn

  • Laird

  • Waldheim

  • RM of Duck Lake

  • RM of Laird

  • RM of Rosthern.

Increasing Demand

The hospital is also increasingly serving patients from:

  • Osler

  • Neuanlage

  • Warman

  • Wakaw

  • Cudworth

  • Beardy's & Okemasis

  • One Arrow

  • and many other neighbouring communities

Rosthern Hospital Provides

Patient Care
  • Emergency

  • Outpatients

  • Inpatients

  • Acute & Sub-acute care

Health Practitioners
  • Physiotherapy

  • Occupational therapy

  • Dietician

  • & more

Home Care Services
  • Serving those who have ongoing health needs in their homes

Telehealth Services
  • Virtual "visits" with specialists using modern technology onsite

Emergency Services

Rosthern hospital decreases ambulance distances to emergency care and reduces wait times and emergency department congestion in city hospitals

Patient Care

Inpatient care allow patients to be treated in or near their home community and reduces bed pressure in city hospitals

Training Facility

The hospital has become a valuable teaching facility for medical and nursing students, accepting medical students in their first through fourth years, as well as being an integral part of the family medicine residency training program


Providing this teaching in our community helps to recruit new doctors and nurses, as well as promotes the retention of Saskatchewan trained students in our province

So why do we need a new hospital?



The Rosthern Hospital was originally built in 1950 making it almost 70 years old. Several additions have been made over the years, but the building is aging


Two separate engineering consultations have indicated major inadequacies of the current building and both highly recommended a new facility to be built to guarantee that the care being provided can continue

Training & Teaching

The services and teaching currently offered have outgrown the physical structure. A new facility will meet the needs required to continue being a leader in teaching and training students

Population Growth

Major economic and population growth in the area North of Saskatoon has occured and is expected to continue 

Northern Anchor

In order to keep up with the increasing demands a new facility is needed for our residents and to reduce pressure on city hospitals


There are similar anchors around Saskatoon e.g. Humboldt is the Eastern Anchor

Meet Our Doctors

Dr Jess Melle.jpg

Dr. Jess Melle grew up in Minton, Saskatchewan. He graduated Medicine from the University of Saskatchewan, where he also attended residency. He trained in many places in Saskatchewan from Stony Rapids to Radville, and many points in between.


Having a new hospital would allow us to continue to recruit and retain a full physician complement. It will allow us to expand our services and provide ongoing comprehensive care in a timely and efficient manner. Working in Rosthern has been my great pleasure for the last ten years and I look forward to many more great years in our new facility.

Dr. Jess Melle


I was born and raised in Saskatoon. My medical school training was completed at the University  of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon and then I moved onto the rural family medicine training program in Prince Albert. I completed my last 6 months of residency in Rosthern and started working there as a physician in late July 2018.


Having a new hospital is important for a number of reasons including: not having part of the hospital constantly shut down for repairs/maintenance work; being able to keep sick patients in rooms with adequate heat; and helping us recruit new health care staff to the community.

Dr. C. Little

Dr Breanne Silver.jpg

Born and raised in Winnipeg, I have grown solid prairie roots. I later moved to Ireland where I completed Medical School at Trinity College Dublin. I am happy to call Saskatchewan home after moving here for Residency in 2014. I am thrilled to be working with such a fantastic group of Physicians, Nurses, and Support Staff in Rosthern. We strive to provide exceptional and accessible medical care to all of our patients, and the new hospital will certainly allow us to build a better foundation for healthy lives and a stronger community. 

Dr. Breanne Silver

Dr James MacMillan.JPG

James MacMillan grew up in Saskatoon where he also attended medical school. He completed his rural family medicine residency in Prince Albert in 2012. Since then he has practiced in Rosthern.


"Rosthern Hospital has served countless patients in the valley region for many years. We are proud of the quality of care we have been able to provide, and we are grateful that our patients are able to be assessed and treated by familiar faces in an environment that is smaller and often less hectic or bustling than they might experience elsewhere. It's often a tremendous relief for patients and their families to be able to remain close to home for their medical care. 


"While our existing hospital has served us well for many years, it's certainly showing its age. I would be thrilled to have a newer, more up-to-date facility where we can continue to provide safe, personal, and quality care to our patients."

Dr. James MacMillan

Dr Cailtin Paul.JPG

Dr. Caitlin Paul was born and raised in Saskatoon. She graduated from the University of Saskatchewan medical school and continued to do residency in Rural Family Medicine in rural Alberta. She enjoys rural medicine for the variety and adventure that it brings.


Outside of medicine she enjoys being a mom, watercolour painting and getting outside to enjoy nature.

Dr. Caitlin Paul

Dr Abi Adeniran.jpg

Dr Abi Adeniran was born and raised in Nigeria.  She completed her undergraduate medical education on the beautiful island of Cuba and returned afterward to Nigeria to complete a 1 year rotating internship.


She completed her family medicine residency at the University of Saskatchewan, turning a 3 month rural medicine rotation in Rosthern into a full time position at the end of her training.


She took a break from the prairies, spending a couple of years in Halifax but missed the sunshine and the winters so much, she's now back for good. 

Dr. Abi Adeniran

How much will the new hospital cost?


Estimated Cost

The project is expected to cost $35 million

80% ($28 million) of the total cost will be funded by the provincial government

Our Responsibility

The remaining 20% or $7 million is our municipal responsibility

The rural and urban municipalities of the Twin Rivers district have been tasked with raising these funds


The Sask Valley Hospital Foundation was created to oversee the effort to raise these funds

To date we have raised $4,500,000!

But we still have a job to do

Fund Raising Efforts

Every community in the Twin Rivers district has a portion of their property taxes going towards the fundraising effort. Members of communities have also donated and hosted events.

To date we have raised $4,5million and are well on our way to make this a reality!

We still need your help!

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